Located in Villarmentero de Campos (Palencia), halfway between Frómista and Carrión de los Condes, and 37km away from Palencia, in the heart of Camino de Santiago; La Casona de Doña Petra is the last new jewel of the Country House’s wide range in Castilla y León.

In a rural environment absolutely thought for the rest, in the middle of a Romanic route of Palencia, La Casona used to be an ancient pilgrims hospital that written and oral documents transmitted generation by generation are known.

La Casona de Doña Petra has been built over the thick walls of that hospital, with a rectangle base and three floors –two at the beginning-. It was built in a traditional hand-made way, with an amazing ceiling.

Remains of Jewish deeds have been discovered inside the House. They were into a kind of box inside one of the walls. It was also discovered a big “silo” whose antiquity and usefulness in the past are unknown. This “silo” was in the subfloor of one of the rooms.

As Jacobean pilgrimage rise down since XVII Century, the pilgrims hospital of Villarmentero became a farming house, owned by Julián Cacho and Petra Castrillo, such a wonderful woman that her grandchildren wanted to name the house after her.

During its rehabilitation they used the same main material that Romans used: adobe wisely mixed with bricks and stones. As a whole, the House offers and incredible relax sensation, powered by the absolute silence inside the 11 comfortable rooms.

There are plenty of excursions barely away from the House: Roman art (San Martín, Frómista); gothic art (“la Amiens Castellana”, Villasirga), Spanish arte of XV century (Santa Eulalia museum, Paredes de Nava); and, of course, plenty of cathedrals.

You can also enjoy the gothic solitude with an unforgettable waking across Ucieza River. You can also visit the hermitage in Villarsirga or walk up across the mountain to see the magic nature of Palencia.